Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Day

Tanner was blessed this last weekend at our house.

My Uncle Stan (who Tanner is named after) performed the blessing.

Stan was telling us afterward that as he was blessing him, he felt him starting to squirm. He cracked his eyes open to see if he was getting fussy. But Tanner was just beaming up at him with a huge smile on his face!
Our happy little family.

I had to add this one.... This was the next morning hanging out in bed with one of my favorite boys. My other favorite boy is operating the camera. :)
Congratulations Tanner!

We love you SO much!


Mom and Dad

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

3 Months Old and Still a Trooper!

3 Months old. Already? Guess so....
He fell asleep just before I wanted to get him ready for his picture. So I was able to style his hair and snap some cute ones while he snoozed.

He even stayed asleep while I posed him. lol Then he woke up and gave me some beautiful smiles!

We didn't have a 3 month appointment, but I took him to the Dr. last week to get a prescription for a yeast infection he has in his mouth. He weighed 10lbs and 3 oz that day. Keep growing kid!