Sunday, April 22, 2012


I got a new purse/diaper bag yesterday. As I was just cleaning out my purse to switch everything over I came across Tanner's first ankle band from when he was born!

I have kept everything from all of his hospital stays and put them in his scrapbook.

When we first got home from LA, I remember going through everything to organize it and save stuff. I could have sworn I remembered exactly where I had put his ankle band since I remembered where I put all the other ones.... But nope. I couldn't find it anywhere! I was so upset and sad since it was the first one. The one he had before everything happened with his heart. When he was supposedly a healthy baby. And it was the cutest one too... See the bears?

Apparently I did remember where I put it. I knew I stashed it in my purse. But when I was looking for it after, I neglected to check a teeny little pocket.

It makes me so happy that I finally found it. I though it had accidentally gotten thrown away with some papers.

And the bonus is that I had it next to me this entire time.

Right in my purse.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sedated Echo

Tanner had a sedated echo today.

Just after we got there my sister texted me to see if we were there. She works at Primary's so she was able to come snuggle Tanner before she got too busy with work.

My Dad also came to help me out and provide moral support. It was fun hanging out with Grandpa while we waited.
He had to go to a work thing, but Gwen showed up shortly after he left!

It is so great having such a wonderful and supportive family!

The echo didn't take as long as I thought it would, or maybe I just lost track of time...
Tanner got a new blanket and a cute little hedgehog stuffed animal.
He did really well with the sedation this time. Last time he was so upset before they drugged him up, they almost had to knock him out completely.
This time he went right under and would lay there making cute little babble noises the entire time. It was sad, but cute.
Before we even got out of the echo room Tanner's cardiologist, Dr Minich, came in and listened to his heart and let us know she had already reviewed the images from the echo.

She said that he sounds wonderful other than a little murmur that he has. As far as I have known, he's had that murmur since after his surgery because of the way they repaired him and the blood just flows differently now.

She also said that his repair looks wonderful and she is very happy with how he is doing. She said that she doesn't need to see him again for a YEAR! That next appointment in a year will be for a chest x-ray and an EKG. Then another year after that will be another echo and he will most likely not need to be sedated because he will be better at holding still.

As she was saying this both Gwen and I started to cry because the news was so great!

Well done my little hero! Keep up the good work!