Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Let's Keep the Good News Coming!

We are all settling in at home very well. It is so nice to have Tanner at home! Now I get to catch up on all the normal newborn stuff I guess.

He is a very well behaved baby though. I was expecting this to be much worse, and much more sleep deprived. He only wakes up a couple times a night to eat, and is great the rest of the time. There are occasions where it is hard to get him back to sleep. You can totally tell he is tired, but he'll fight going to sleep.

He even watched some NASCAR with Daddy the other day. I'm sure it was just all the bright colors of the cars flashing by, but it was way cute.

We went to his pediatrician's office to day to follow up on his weight and make sure he is gaining. He has gained 4oz since his appointment a few days ago! Yay! That means he is back to his birth weight... and almost a month old. sheesh.

He sure did look cute for the doctor today though. This is a preemie onesie that we found at Wal-Mart yesterday while grocery shopping, and it is still big on him. So cute!

He was totally (and still is at the moment) zonked out after the car ride home.
I also wanted to compare him to me. This is me when I was 10 days old. I think I've got a Mini-me!

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