Friday, April 8, 2011

Follow Up Echo

Today Tanner had a follow up appointment to get another echo at Primary's to make sure everything is still looking ok inside and that he's healing properly.

My dad was able to come with me to help out and translate anything I may not have understood. It was supposed to be a sedated echo, but I asked them if we could try not to sedate him since he always has done so well during echos before. He wasn't allowed to eat for a while before and was throwing a fit cuz he was so hungry, so they ended up having to sedate him anyway.

Everything went very well through! I only cried once. It was when they were getting the IV in him and he was screaming. Other than that, I was ok.

Our Cardiologist said that he is looking great. His pulses are very strong, and everything that she saw from the echo looks wonderful.

We don't have to go see her for another 3 months, and unless something goes wrong, he won't have to have another echo until he's 3 years old. Yay!

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