Friday, January 27, 2012


Since the 1 year mark is coming up on Tanner's birth (woo hoo!) and also his surgery and hospital stays, I have been thinking and remembering more and more things that I did not include in this blog.

I am very happy that I am remembering some things and never want to forget them. There were so many things that happened both happy and sad in that time that I want to remember. We were told so many different and new things in such a short amount of time my brain was mush and could not get anything back out of my brain during that time. I want to have a record of what I can still remember before any of it becomes more dim than it already is.

I am going to be updating the blog with these little tid bits around the dates that they actually happened. I will put the actual date of when I wrote the post somewhere in there and also label them "after thought" so I, and also others will be able to tell a difference between in the moment posts and after the fact posts.
Wish me luck in remembering things!

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