Sunday, April 22, 2012


I got a new purse/diaper bag yesterday. As I was just cleaning out my purse to switch everything over I came across Tanner's first ankle band from when he was born!

I have kept everything from all of his hospital stays and put them in his scrapbook.

When we first got home from LA, I remember going through everything to organize it and save stuff. I could have sworn I remembered exactly where I had put his ankle band since I remembered where I put all the other ones.... But nope. I couldn't find it anywhere! I was so upset and sad since it was the first one. The one he had before everything happened with his heart. When he was supposedly a healthy baby. And it was the cutest one too... See the bears?

Apparently I did remember where I put it. I knew I stashed it in my purse. But when I was looking for it after, I neglected to check a teeny little pocket.

It makes me so happy that I finally found it. I though it had accidentally gotten thrown away with some papers.

And the bonus is that I had it next to me this entire time.

Right in my purse.

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