Tuesday, August 7, 2012

18 Month Checkup

Today we went to Dr. Terashima and got checked out for Tanner's 18 month visit.

The appointment we very well I think. He did well with putting shapes into the right holes, stacking blocks and putting a little button thing into a bottle with a small opening.

Terashima sounded impressed when I told him about the Pringle can activity, as well as a couple others we do and that Tanner actually does them and figures them out.

We talked about starting to brush his teeth and to contact a dentist and when they would like to see him. About him talking and being around other children. He really like that I said we have gone on many heart play dates and get to be around other heart kids and that we are taking advantage of the heart group that we are in!

He received his Hep A shot today, and it is the last shot that Tanner's going to need until he is FIVE! Yay!

He is doing very well and Terashima seemed happy with everything.
He's growing, but gaining weight is slowing down a bit. Terashima didn't even mention anything about it so I'm not worried.
Weight: 20 lbs 15 oz
Length: 30 inches

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