Friday, February 17, 2012

"Bit" of an accident. (pun intended)

Today while I was pumping Tanner walked out of the room I was in. I didn't think anything of it since I pretty much give him free reign of the house.

The next thing I heard was a crash and then screaming and crying. I rushed into the kitchen were he was and he was sitting on the ground with blood all over his face and hands. I had no idea where he was hurt because of this!

After I was finally able to get him cleaned up and calmed down, this is what I found....

Poor little guy had bitten his lip somehow. He wouldn't let me look inside his mouth to see if he had gotten the inside as well.

I called Kollin to see how soon he'd be home and luckily he was already almost here. When he got inside he took at a look at Tanner and neither of us were sure if he needed stitches or not. Neither of us really thought so, but still wanted to take him to KidsCare to have him looked at and just be on the safe side.

When we got there we waited for about an hour and then were finally seen. The Dr. said that he didn't need stitches (yay!) and gave us some antibiotic ointment that you could just get over the counter.

I am so glad that he is ok and didn't needs stitches. It just sucks that we had to pay the $40 copay just for some ointment that we could have gotten for a few bucks at a drug store.

Oh well. Better safe than sorry! I just hope it doesn't scar. We'll see!

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