Friday, February 10, 2012

One Year Ago

One year ago today I handed my 7 day old baby to doctors to save his life.
We were in Los Angeles and Kollin was home in Utah working.
My father was by my side.
I could also feel my mother all around me filling me with her love and comfort.
I had never been so frightened in my entire life.
I put all of my faith and hope in Dr. Starnes and knew that his hands would be guided.
This past year has gone by so quickly.
Looking back I cannot believe that so many things happened with Tanner in the first few weeks of his life.
I am so thankful that we had this experience though.
It has made all of us so much stronger.

When I look at Tanner, sometimes it is hard to believe that the beginning of his life was so crazy.
He is now a healthy (knock on wood), thriving little boy.
Other than being such a pee wee he is so "normal."
He hit all of his milestones around the time when "normal" babies would. Some even earlier.
He is so smart.
He is such a happy, mellow, content and even tempered little guy.

He has some physical scars that I hope and pray that he will always be proud of and not ashamed.
Everyone else has mental scars of what we all went through with this.

I am so overjoyed that we have so many wonderful things that we all have been able to learn and take into our lives from having these experiences and knowing Tanner.

It is like he has two birthdays to celebrate!
Happy 1 Year Heart Anniversary my little warrior!

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