Monday, October 10, 2011

Follow up with the Cardiologist

So today Tanner had his follow up appointment with his cardiologist to make sure he is still doing ok.

He had an X-ray (which he didn't like one bit) and I got to see the staples and wires in him. It looked pretty interesting.
He also got a bunch of stickers all over him for an EKG.
 The nurse was so sweet and cute with him! She even blew bubbles to help him hold still while the tests were being run.
 Then his cardiologist checked him out.
She said that he is a little small (must take after Kollin and me) being in the 5th percentile for weight (the last weigh in with his pediatrician said he was in the 3rd, so he's still growing!), but other than that she is still very happy with everything she is seeing and hearing.

His pulses look great.

She said his X-ray looked so good that if he didn't have those wires and staples inside, you would never know he had surgery.

And everything is sounding wonderful.

He has a small murmur, but it was there before and hasn't changed. So she says that is great, it is pretty much how they did the surgery and the way the blood is flowing now it makes a little sound that is different than "normal."

Kollin wanted me to ask her a couple more questions about what he can and cannot do in the future that we hadn't already asked....

One of them was if he can ride roller coasters. Kollin's side of the family are huge roller coaster fanatics! She said that Tanner does not have the type of heart condition that a roller coaster would cause any issues. She said she gets asked that about 10 times a day so apparently a pretty popular question!

Another question was if he could shovel the walks when he's old enough. She said it was a very good question and that he should be just fine to do that as well. Sorry buddy! No excuses to not help Daddy with the snow!

Overall, he passed with flying colors and she wants to see him in 6 months for another echo just to keep an eye on things. Sounds good to me!

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