Monday, October 3, 2011

I never said I wasn't a slacker!

Oops! I have been neglecting this blog for an extended amount of time. I never said that I wasn't lazy, or if something is out of sight then out of mind. But I think my best excuse for this one is that I'm just that much of a flake.

Anyway, there have been a bunch of things going on since the last time I posted on her...a month ago.... SORRY!

And just to prove how lazy I am, I am just putting links in to those posts.They're pretty cute though, so head on over there and read them!

Here is the 6 Month Old link to start, and just keep going from there.

OR, you can just read the ones that I consider little highlights:

6 month photos
Daddy taught him how to splash
First big boy bath
Two Teeth!
my little dare devil
7 Months Old
met his brother
gimme five!

Ok, so that was a lot. But oh well.


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