Thursday, October 20, 2011

Surgery Day

Tanner went and had a little surgery yesterday.
We were finally able to get him circumcised and also had a chordee release (straighten his penis out since it was kinked to the side since he was laying on one side in my belly for so long, it flopped to one side and stayed that way).
In his hospital clothes and all ready for what is going to happen!
He had no idea what he was in for, poor little guy.
 With his anesthesiologist just before he took him through those doors and away from me.
 His surgeon (I forgot to get a picture of him) was so great. He came and talked to me when he was done and said that everything went great. They had absolutely no issues while he was knocked out which was the major thing I was worried about.

Just after I was reunited with him. I was allowed to start nursing him right away!
 Hanging out in the post-op area waiting to be able to go home. That green thing on his arm is the IV he had. He was having fun trying to chew on the end of it. woops!
 All ready to go! Got the IV out and a cool little reg bandage that Grandpa is showing off.
He has done so well so far. I only needed to give him a couple doses of his pain meds yesterday after we got home, but so far nothing today. He is acting completely normal and not seeming like he is in any pain at all.

Let's hope it says that way. He is such a little trooper still!

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