Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Surgery Tomorrow

Tanner has another surgery tomorrow at Primary's.

He has already been through so much, this one is so simple and easy in comparison.

He is finally able to get circumcised and also having a chordee release (straightening his little pecker out since he was laying on one side in my belly for so long it kinda flopped to one side and stayed that way).

I am feeling very confident and good about it. I have been reassured many times from his pediatrician, cardiologist, urologist and my parents that it is a very quick and uncomplicated procedure.

My only issue, at the moment, is him getting knocked out and that he has to have a special cardiac anesthesiologist to watch him closer because of his heart.

I'm also sure I'll collapse into a fetal position on the floor as soon as they take him away from me. Good thing my parents are going to be there with me.

Wish him luck!

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  1. I am praying for Mr Tanner and waiting the results!!!!! I am also glad your parents are going to be there with you. What a blessing!!!!