Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Written 4-1-2012

After everything had calmed down and everyone was settled at CHLA I asked my dad to give Tanner another blessing before his surgery.

I was holding Tanner in my arms and sitting in a chair. My dad knelt down in front of us and place his hands on his head.

Again, I bawled through it. I remember it being such a sweet blessing.

Later that evening there was a Pastor (or something... I don't know what denomination he was and I don't know all the terms, sorry) that came and visited us. He was so nice and offered me his support. He let me know where the chapel in the hospital was and also offered if I wanted to arrange for Tanner to have a blessing.

I told him that my dad had already given him a blessing. He seemed surprised that my dad was able to do it and wondered what our religion and what his calling in the church was to be able to give blessings. I told him we were LDS and he seemed very curious about it and that he honestly didn't know much, if anything, about it.

Luckily my dad was still there with me and he was able to talk more in depth about the LDS religion.

While they were speaking I remember thinking how grateful I was that any man that holds the Priesthood in our religion is able to give a blessing to someone in need of it. That I never realized how available it has always been to me.

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