Sunday, February 6, 2011

Can we get dealt a good card please?

Written 1-27-12

After we got to Primary's, they gave Tanner a few different echos to take a look at things. At first we only knew about the coarctation. He was originally diagnosed with this at Jordan Valley before we were transported to Primary's.

After each echo it seemed like there was one more thing that they found. First it was the coarctation. Then they found two holes in his heart (ASD and VSD). THEN then found the subvalvular stenosis (also called sub-aortic stenosis (SAS)). It is hard to explain but from what I can understand it is one of the parts of the wall of his heart where one of the holes are, grew to the side and created a "flap." This flap is now almost blocking the aortic valve and needs to be removed or stitched back so that valve can get circulation and grow.

I remember Kollin asking me if we could please just get some good news and stop having all of these terrible cards dealt to us each time he has and echo!

This is a drawing of a diagram of Tanner's heart that one of the cardiologists drew for us to help us understand what was going on, and what needed to be done. I am so glad they did too since I could vaguely remember the different parts of the heart from Jr High or High School. The different colored arrows are the different issues going on. The BLUE arrows are the ASD and VSD. The RED arrow is the subvalvular stenosis. The GREEN arrow is the coarctation.

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