Saturday, February 12, 2011

Recovery ~ Day 2

Daddy got into town last night! Yay! He was so excited to see Tanner and me. He was a little nervous to see him with all the tubes and scar, but he said it actually looked better than he was thinking.

They tried to take him down from completely assisted breathing last night to just pressure support. This is when he is pretty much forced to breath on his own, and if he goes too long without taking a breath, then the machine will kick on and breath for him.

It didn't work too well. He was letting the machine still breath for him too much, so they backed off and switched the machine back on full time to let him rest some more. That's ok though. Nothing wrong with that at all.

This morning when we got to the hospital, they said that they ended up being able to put him on pressure support at about 5 in the morning or something and he was handling it much better and doing great!

Next step is to get that dang breathing tube out!

His poofyness is also pretty much completely gone. He is finally back down to my skinny little baby.

Kollin and I went out for a walk, and when we came back he was awake! It was the first time that I had seen him with his eyes open since before surgery. It was so stinkin' cute to see him looking around at everything. I could tell he was uncomfortable because of the breathing tube, but we still had to keep it in for a little while longer to make sure he was ok to breath on his own.

Eventually, the Nurse Practitioner came in and was able to remove his chest tube! Woo hoo!

Shortly after that, our nurse removed his catheter! Boo ya!

Then shortly after that, his Respiratory Therapist came in and removed his breathing tube and feeding tube! Yay yay!

Now he is looking more and more normal without all that stuff taped to his face and tubes coming out of his chest and diaper. Also, within a few hours, we will be able to start feeding him again. Only thing is, I have to start changing his diaper again.... oh well! I'll take it!

He doesn't have a voice right now because of this throat being irritated by the breathing tube. It is so sad to see him cry, but no sound come out. It sure is cute though since he has been a vegetable for the last couple days, I am just ecstatic to see him moving, opening his eyes, and crying.

Our nurse asked if he likes to be swaddled, and I told him that he loves it. Whenever he is throwing a fit, as soon as we wrap him up, he zonks right out.

So I finally have the opportunity to use the new receiving blanket that his AuntCorey made for him and sent with Kollin.
Well, that is everything I have for now. The next steps are to take some of his IV's away, and we will be able to start holding him again. Hopefully this will happen soon!


  1. He is so handsome! I am so glad to hear that he is doing so well!! He is a trooper. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Great news. He sure is a fighter!! Go Tanner!! How ya holding up Ali?

  3. He's starting to look more like Kollin instead of just you. So cute! I wish I could see him but I will someday.

  4. He looks so good! We will keep praying for your family!

  5. Such good news! He's looking great. Yay!

  6. I'm so glad your little sweetie pie is doing so well. You're all in my thoughts.

  7. He's so adorable. I am so happy everything is going as smoothly as possible and that Kollin was able to be there with you guys.