Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Recovery ~ Day 5

Our night nurse was finally able to get him to take an entire bottle by himself! No more puking or feeding tube down the nose. W00t!

It looks like all it took was all a matter of a different nipple and keeping him upright for a while after.

Smooches from Grandma Stark... awww :)

After one of the times I fed him, our nurse put him up on my shoulder to burp him. I was so afraid to do this before since I don't want to hurt his little chest. But she said he is fine, and we can burp him that way if we want. It was so nice! He just snuggled into my neck, curled up and fell asleep there for hours. I just haven't gotten a picture of it yet!

They've still been trying to take him off of his oxygen, but he keeps dropping in his saturation numbers, so it gets turned back on.

It has actually been off for the past few hours and he's been going up and down, but staying pretty stable this time. So hopefully he can stay off it this time!

Some really great news today though. He got moved to the floor, which is great. I have a much bigger role in caring for him now, which I love. He doesn't have any wires holding him to machines now, and just a little box that lays in his crib with him that is attached to the monitors stuck on him to monitor his heart beat and other things. It makes it so much easier to be able to pick him up out of bed and hold him!

Also, TANNER GETS DISCHARGED TOMORROW! This doesn't mean we're going home yet though. We have to stay in the Ronald McDonald house until his follow up appointment, THEN we get to go HOME!

As of right now, they are telling me his follow up appointment will be at the beginning of next week. But I am trying to see if I can bump it up to the end of this week. Kollin flies in again on Friday and leaves Sunday. If we are able to just go home with him on Sunday, that would be SO nice.

Of course, it all depends on if Tanner is ready and well enough for the trip. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that we can fly home with Daddy!


  1. That is awesome news! I can't believe he gets to go home already! What a strong, beautiful little boy!

  2. That is great news! Hopefully you all get to fly home together, if not you'll all be together forever very shortly anyway! Good luck.