Friday, February 11, 2011

Recovery ~ Day 1

Tanner is doing really well today from what I am being told. He has a whole bunch of tubes and wires coming out of him, but he should be getting some of them taken away today.

The first bit of good news that I got when I got to the hospital today is that he passed the MRSA test, so we don't have to wear gloves and gowns to be near him anymore! Yay!!

They have given him a couple of doses of morphine for pain, and the doctors are saying that he doesn't really need something that strong, and to see if we can ween him off of it to something better. If he does well on this other medicine, we may be able to remove his breathing tube sometime today, and may even start to feed him again tonight!

This is pretty good news, since I wasn't expecting the breathing tube to come out for at least a few days, and not be able to start feeding him for a few days after that. Of course, it all depends on how he handles everything, so I am not expecting much until it actually happens.

A funny thing is, his nurse keeps trying to position him in ways that should be more comfortable for him to be laying. But as soon as she does, he squirms and moves to another weird position. Guess he takes after his mommy in being able to fall asleep in any position!
He is looking really puffy right now, so they have given him some medication to help him produce more urine. So far it is working. He needs to hurry up and pee a bunch though! I want my skinny little baby back!
His face, eyes, ands and feet are so swollen right now, it's making him look funny. But oh well. That was to be expected, and I know it will slowly but surely get better.


  1. Awww poor little guy! I'm so glad things went well. He may be a little swollen but he is still a cutie!!! Hang in there momma!

  2. He is beautiful!
    Still praying for his swift recovery.

  3. wow ali. i gotta tell ya. i am so amazed by you. you have been such a trooper through this whole thing. i know i wouldn't have been able to be as strong and brave as you have been. i would have been in a hole crying. you are incredible. i am so impressed at how you have gotten yourself through this.tanner is so lucky to have you for a momma. we love you and are praying for tanner and your family every day. bring him home healthy so we can snuggle him!