Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Follow Up Appointment ~ Passed!

So today was Tanner's follow up appointment at the hospital. I have been pretty nervous about this since we got discharged. If they found anything wrong, or he had any issues, they wouldn't let us go home.

My dad called the other day and said that my Grandma Cannon wanted to help us. He suggested to her that letting us have some of her Frequent Flyer Miles (she's got a ton) to get tickets to fly Kollin out here, and fly us all home would be a huge help. She, of course being the wonderful woman that she is, agreed to do this for us.

We have already gotten our tickets to fly home tomorrow, so I have been crossing my fingers and anything else that can be crossed, and praying that he would pass with flying colors.

We all got the the hospital today (including Kathy) and the dang parking lot was full. So we had to do a quick switcheroo in the car so Kathy could drive to the other parking lot and Tanner and I could go inside to make it to his appointment. We were already running a little late.

I got the screaming little Tanner into his stroller (he did not like being put in his car seat AT ALL), and grabbed the loaner car seat the hospital let us borrow until Kollin brought ours last weekend. Surprisingly, his stroller is easy to push and steer with just one hand luckily.

I have a little friend here helping me type now, so excuse any typos. She is the cutest little Eastern Indian girl named Miah. Her mom just told me she has surgery tomorrow. I am not sure what for since her mom doesn't speak very good English, but it is not her first one. Her little face has a big scar on it and one of her eyes is lower on her face than it should be. So I'm guessing some kind of tumor. Anyway, she's a cutie.

Anyway, we made it up to his appointment just a couple of minutes late. Whew! The nurse got him all checked in and did the normal blood pressure, temperature and weigh in routine. Of course, Tanner got pissed when the thermometer was stuck in his armpit. He said everything is looking great, and he even gained a little weight since we were discharged. Yay!

Then the nurse practitioner came and checked him out some more, took his stitches out,went over some things with me and answered my questions that I had. She was really nice. We had an adventure trying to hold Tanner still while she took out the stitches, be we eventually succeeded. He is very wiggly.

By the end of the appointment, she said that Tanner is looking great and that we are good to go home! I am so relieved that everything here has gone so well and how FAST it all happened. I was not expecting to be going home this soon, or even getting discharged from the hospital as soon as we did.

We have some more appointments at home later this week. We are going to see his Cardiologist on Thursday and then his Pediatrician on Friday. We're going to need to keep following up with them pretty often too to make sure he is still doing well. So we are not completely out of the woods yet, since so many things can still happen. But we are all still hoping and praying that this is it, and there won't be any further surgeries and he can be as normal as possible.

Kollin is flying in tonight, and I am going to go pick him up from the airport again. This time it is LAX. I'm hoping I'll be able to find it ok this time, and nothing like last weekend happens again when I went to go get him from Burbank Airport. My dad knows his way to LAX pretty well, so I'm sure I'll be able to call him if I get lost.

I am still hoping to be able to get the pictures I'm wanting sometime tomorrow before we have to go back to the airport and fly home. We didn't end up doing it last weekend. Just stayed in our room and spent time with Tanner and each other.

Hopefully the next time I update this we will all be home and in our own beds again. Tanner still has never been home yet, and I am so excited to see him in his own room with his own things!


  1. I am so happy things have turned out so beautifully for Tanner! I will keep him in my prayers that no further surgeries will be needed.

  2. Great news! It's strange how something as simple as taking your baby home to his own room has become an important event-- you would have never guessed that a few months ago. I'm sure he'll love the nursery you've set up for him. Enjoy every moment :)

  3. YAY! I'm so happy you get to go home! I wish there were some more eloquent way to say that, but honestly, I'm just so happy for you guys.