Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home.

We made it home!

It is so nice to be back and seeing Tanner in his own house finally.

Yesterday didn't quite go as planned when I went to go get Kollin from LAX. Of course, I got pretty lost again. I MapQuested the directions to get there, and they told me to go the wrong way! So this time it wasn't my fault.

I ended up in Pasadena, which was the opposite direction I should have been going. I called my dad, and he got me going the right way, and I was able to find it ok. Then on the way back to the Ronald McDonald house, we ended up in Pasadena AGAIN. Somehow we missed the freeway we were supposed to merge onto. Neither of us saw any signs for it! Needless to say, Kollin and I have a hate HATE relationship with California roads right now.

This morning we lounged around a little bit, then got ready to go and wait for the shuttle to pick us up to go to the airport.

We didn't ever end up going back to the hospital to get pictures in our shirts that we got, but that's ok.

We did, however, get the picture by Ronald McDonald that I wanted.

We got through the airport without any issues and the flight was great. Tanner slept the entire time but the landing where he started to get a little fussy. Such a good baby!
We are now home safe and sound. Finally able to relax. Kollin is taking a nap. So is Tanner. I'm thinking of joining in... so tired....

We still have a bunch of doctor appointments to keep checking up on Tanner to make sure that everything stays on the up and up. So it would still be much appreciated to keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

I wanted to thank everyone again that has kept us in their thoughts and prayers. Also for the nurses, doctors and surgeons that looked after our little Tanner. I am so thankful for each and every one of you!

The comments that have been left on this blog and on my FaceBook have really helped me through this tough time. They have lifted me up when I thought I couldn't fall down any further.

I loved reading the comments about those of you that have had similar stories as us, and how your children are doing so well and growing up. It comforted me, and still is comforting me SO much.

Thank you.


  1. I am so glad you guys made it home and that Tanner is in his own bed! I will continue to pray for his health and happiness!

  2. Yay for homecomings!!! Glad everyone is home and doing good! Keep it up!

  3. Glad you made it home and that he is doing so well. I am sure it will just get better from here on out.