Monday, February 14, 2011

Recovery ~ Day 4

Last night was the first time I was allowed to hold him since before his surgery. Of course, I cried.

And then we fell asleep.
He has been eating very well on and off. Sometimes he will take his whole bottle, other times he'll only take a little and they have to feed him the rest through the feeding tube in his nose. Either way, I'm happy he is handling food again and getting more nutrients than through his IV.

Today has been a pretty eventful day. He got that fragile IV with the splint taken out, the IV in his shoulder, and also the pacer wires that were in his belly. He has also been taken off of any IV fluids and all of his medications are being given to him orally now.

That means we are that much closer to going to the floor and out of the CTICU, which means that much closer to going home! They are saying he may be going to the floor tomorrow or the next day. I cannot believe how well he is doing, and how quickly this is going! What a little trooper.

The last time I fed him, he didn't take very much through his bottle, and we gave the rest through his nose. Apparently it was given too fast, and he puked it all up a couple minutes later. Oops!

So I have to wash his blanket that Aunt Corey gave to him again. That thing is going to get some good wear and tear while we're here!

He got a bath and all washed off after, and looked so cute just snuggled up in his bed.
Just a little bit ago, they switched him out of the bed that he was in, into an actual crib. As we were making the switch, his nurse did a check up on him.

Every time he gets his temperature taken, he flips out! Most of the other check up he is just fine, he just does not like getting that thermometer stuck into his arm pit. As you can see, he turns all red and cries like crazy. Silly kid.
Now he is looking as snug as a bug in a rug in his new crib. He looks so tiny in this crib compared to his other bed.
So cute!


  1. He looks so litte next to the nurses hands!! I'm so glad he is doing so well.

  2. Thank you for these updates!!! I love seeing the pictures of him. He looks GREAT!!! and so do you. We love you!!!

  3. Love the hair do! Still praying he is looking great Thank God!

  4. So happy to hear he's doing so well! Awesome that you got to hold your little cutie.

  5. I'm sure holding him in your arms was the most wonderful feeling in the world. What tender pictures!