Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Draw! ....or not?

Written 1-27-12

After we got back to the hospital and allowed into the CTICU to see Tanner, my dad wanted to see if someone could explain the surgery options to me again in person since it was not easy to understand over the phone.

We spoke with a very nice lady (I can't remember exactly what she was... doctor, nurse, NP?) and asked her if she could explain everything to me again of what they are planning to do, and possibly draw me a picture like they did at Primary's.

She started explaining the surgery to me and I had to stop her because everything was going in one ear and out the other because I was already on information overload and couldn't comprehend anymore. My dad asked again if she could draw a simple picture so I could have it to look at when I was a little more coherent.

At that point she kind of looked at us like we were idiots and why did we want her to draw a picture? She said she wouldn't draw a picture, but would try to look something up on the computer to print up for me.

After a long time she finally came back with a few different papers. All of them with very intricate heart images on them. She said she couldn't find any images of exactly what they are doing, so she just pointed to the different parts and told me what their plan was. She didn't actually mark anything on the pages, so I couldn't refer back to them at a later time if I wasn't able to remember. So all of that was completely pointless.

Everyone was actually pretty surprised that I was picking up as much hospital lingo as I was in such a short amount of time. But that was only after I had a chance to relax a little bit and actually wrap my brain around everything.

Other than that, I am just so glad I had my parents there to translate and remember things for me.

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