Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bye Bye CHLA!

Tanner did it! He went an entire day without needing to be put back on oxygen. That meant that we were able to get discharged out of the hospital today!

We slept like this for a few hours this morning. It was so nice and cozy...
And then there was the good old car seat test.
He didn't like it, but passed! Whew!
Today is also the first day that he wore real clothes. Two weeks old, and finally has normal clothes on...
I realized that we didn't have any clothes here for him, and that we were getting discharged so soon. Kollin is bringing them when he comes into town, along with his car seat. So we had to borrow a car seat from the hospital for now, and I found a Ross and went and bought some clothes to hold us over til Daddy gets here.

He probably needs preemie stuff since he's lost weight since he was born, but they didn't have any. Smallest I could find was newborn, and it drowns him! Still so cute though!

And yes, I cried when it hit me that we were really leaving.
We are now all settled into the Ronald McDonald House. We are going to be here until Tuesday when our follow up appointment is at the hospital with a Cardiologist. After that, we get to go home!

Also, Kollin is flying in tomorrow for the weekend. We are soooo excited to see him, and he can't wait to see us.

I'm thinking a trip to Disneyland is in order. At least to the front gates to get a picture to be able to someday look back at all of this and laugh. (Kollin doesn't think it's a good idea since Tanner is still recovering, but we'll see) We'll show Tanner his private plane ride, and his first trip to Disneyland! lol


  1. You're getting so close to a normal life with your little man! You are going to love being home and finding normalcy.

  2. I am so happy that Tanner is going home soon. Thank God! I am happy you can stay at the RMH with him until Tuesday that is great! I will keep you guys in my prayer that you get home safe and soon!

  3. Such wonderful news, have a great weekend. Can't wait to hear the results of the followup on Tuesday.